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I admire Lobsang Wangyal so much. He is an inspiration to us. Older people don't understand what he has done for our world. Tibetan student, january 2014
I am able to do things better now in Tibetan society, because Lobsang Wangyal went before us. Tibetan artist, 2013
Wangyal "is innovative, modern, patriotic, smart and entrepreneurial. He is the kind of guy every nation wants its man to have."
A star is not just born. LW is simply a born star. He is too expensive to be hired by any Tibtiwood movie-makers.
a friend of lobsang, on that faceybookerish thing, november 2014.
I would like to thank you for giving me this platform. ... I envisage Tibet Sun to play a pivotal role in the Tibet diaspora news media.
Tibet Sun opinion piece author
I began to admire Lobsang Wangyal for his daring steps, personal sacrifices and commitment in redefining our narrow cultural mindsets. Chukora Tsering Agloe PhosaMosa.com (originally published in Tibet Today magazine, October 2008)
Lobsang Wangyal, trained as a journalist, he is now putting on public events, doing what he can to reach people who want to support the Tibetan struggle.
Q: Your message to Tibetan youth?
A: Give your best shot in anything you would like to do, and don't forget the secret to success — NEVER GIVE UP!
Interview with Lobsang Wangyal, by Tashi Phuntsok - PhosaMosa.com, 10 October 2008