feminism: un ac cept! able toc

I've had a long life of exposure to the "feminism" thing, starting during one of its heydays over 50 years ago. California even. I got the full experience there, for sure!  

I have had a long life of adventures with the concepts of "men" and "women"; Never strongly saw others (or myself) as only one of two arbitrary categories; Have always loved people as just - people well, whenever i could overcome my own misanthropy! 

But still, feminism. ok. Sounds righteous. So i read, and i listened.
And - well - it didn't fit with my non-binary view of people. So i let it be.
But still. Something just bothered me. It took me a while to figure out what. Like, 50 years. i've always been a bit slow — ask anyone! 

First, one light finally went on in my slow brain, i think about 20 years ago. It went like this:

hmmmm i said. ok. that's interesting. And went on with my usual program. (Which included a bit more genderosity than previously, and that was interesting too.)  

I just now today figured out another part:

So my dears. Now that i've got you all riled up: Please. The solution is not in this harsh and destructive path. Nor is the solution for "men" to "stand up for their rights" against this "feminism".

Try this: Just love each other, people. C'mon.

Use that grey squishy thing inside your head bone, and that red pumping thing under your rib bones. We've all got 'em, all the genders got those things.
And y'know what? all the genders hurt. all the genders bleed.
Even the ones you are ranting at for their oppresson and evilness.
Is that all you want, just to hurt back? Is that the best you can do?

It is hard to use those things, yes. But y'know what: That's what we are here for.